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The Sport of Crossbows

With The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games out, archery has seen a huge upswing in popularity. It isn’t uprising – it is pretty fun. ┬áCan we make this more competitive though? Of course we can. There are several ways to add some competition to archery if you are new and in this article we will cover the two main ones.

1 – Target archery. With target archery, the rules are pretty simple. The person who gets closest to the middle of the target wins. You can take some of the classic rules of curling and darts and apply them to bow shooting and you have yourself a game.

Get yourself a target that has rings and assign points to them. The further away from the target you are the fewer points you get. A dead center shot gets you the most points. It is a pretty fun game that you can put up anywhere, as long as you have a bow.

2 – Hunting. Hunting can be competitive. Either with yourself or with others. Moving away from guns and getting into bow hunting ramps up the difficulty for experienced hunters. A pretty common bow type for this is a crossbow. There are even some specifically designed for it.

Picking the best crossbow for hunting will take some research.

  • Number one is to pick something that is quiet. The slightest noise┬ácan send an animal running, so having a noisy bow is the last thing you want.
  • Next is to get one that can blend in to your environment.
  • Look for a crossbow with good speed. This isn’t a bullet, so you don’t necessarily have the guarantee the bow will penetrate where you want. Most options out there you won’t have an issue with, but depending on what you are hunting you will need to double check. The last thing you want is a wounded animal in pain because your bow can’t finish the job.

3 – Trick shots. There has been a small community coming up with come up with trick shots. Shooting targets in strange ways, weird angles, around objects, etc. It’s an interesting competition and may be interesting to an experienced archer.

We hope the options we have covered have given you a good view of how you can make archery more competitive. It takes practice to get really good, so stepping it up to a competition just makes sense. Good luck and good shooting!